Lasting Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer

While the invention and widespread use of plastic in toys and children's entertainment has led to a dramatic increase of available items and lowered the overall cost, it has also provided parents with plenty of nightmares as the toys break due to heavy usage. Sometimes the toys can get broken just by being left in the presence of an unshaded window, due to parts being melted by the sun. It's also not fun to explain to your kids why their favourite toy no longer works. With that in mind, here are some lasting ways you can entertain your kid with this summer.

Wooden Toys

While it almost feels lost in all the shiny plastic toys at every shopping centre there is still a very healthy market of wooden toys that are available for children of all ages. Anything you can find in plastic you can usually find in a wooden counterpart, especially when it comes to universally popular toy cars, animals, simple musical instruments and miniature construction sets.

While wooden toys may cost a little more than their plastic friends, they have a much sturdier construction build and are made from a material that simply does not age as poorly as plastic does. You will be hard pressed to find a toddler who can break a wooden car with their bare hands, yet the same thing happens almost routinely with plastic toys. If you are looking to create a collection of toys that will last years then check out companies that provide wholesale wooden toys.

Swimming Lessons

Teaching your child to swim is not only an important safety step in their development but can also be a great way for them to enjoy the summer sun outside. Swimming safety courses can start as young as four months old and continue all throughout primary school. While your kid might have learnt how to swim safely well before the end of primary school it could also turn into a passion of theirs and many kids continue into squads and take it up into their daily routine into high school. If you want to give your child a healthy hobby that also teaches your kid how to be safe in water than swimming lessons are a perfect activity for you.

Homemade Playdough

Playdough has been a household favourite for almost 100 years and it is very likely you played with it as a child. Better than other types of arts and craft, because it has a lower risk of staining furniture, play dough can be an entertaining way to keep your children building and occupied for hours. A great way to increase their level of enjoyment is to make your own playdough with your children and ask them what colours they want. You can even turn it into a fun family experiment to see which playdough you make is the best, which is the goopiest, which is the worst and so on. 

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