Top Reasons to Buy Stained Wooden Toys

A lot has been said about the benefits of wooden toys over plastic ones. However, when selecting wooden toys, you have a choice between stained or painted models. For most people, it is difficult to tell the difference, but it should not be challenging. The stain used in stained toys sinks inside the wood, while paint sits on the surface. If you are buying from a reputable vendor, it does not matter whether you go for stained or painted toys. However, most parents prefer stained toys over painted ones for various reasons.

No Chipping

One of the reasons you might want your children to play with stained toys is the ease with which painted toys chip. It is mainly the case for children who love to put everything and anything in their mouth. Even if the paint used is food grade, small paint chips can choke a child or cut their soft oral tissues. On the other hand, stained toys do not chip because the stain used sinks deep into the wood. Therefore, your child can put wooden toys in their mouth without worrying about paint chips.

Natural Smooth Finish

A smooth finish is of utmost importance when choosing wooden toys because it makes them much safer. Compared to painted toys, stained types have a smooth finish for the simple reason that the stain sinks into the wood, whereas paint only covers the surface. Therefore, if a manufacturer uses excess paint, toys have bumpy or sharp spots that make them unsafe for kids. It is the reason parents must inspect painted wooden toys before buying them. In contrast, stained toys allow you to throw caution to the wind because they have a smooth finish.

Enhances Natural Grain

The natural feel of wooden toys plays an integral role in a child's development. From an early age, kids get a chance to interact with all that nature has to offer. It is precisely what you get with stained wooden toys. Since the stain sinks deep into the wood, it enhances the timber's natural grains and features. Stained toys are also easy to stack together because grains are not covered or blocked. It is entirely different from painted toys since they tend to have a uniform look and an unnatural smooth finish. Thus, a child finds it challenging to stack painted blocks because they keep sliding off each other, which can be frustrating.

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